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About Us

About usSince 1956, Traffic Safety Supply Company has built a strong reputation in the marketplace for being a fair, honest, knowledgeable, and effective manufacturer and distributor of highway products. We specialize in bringing new and exciting products to the marketplace and we make it our goal to carry hi-quality products, which will meet our customer's standards.

Traffic Safety Supply Company offers a complete line of MUTCD Specified Signs. Our production facility gives us the ability to produce a wide range of signs from small 12"x18" "No Parking" Signs all the way up to huge 40'x20' interstate signs.

In addition to these standard signs, we have the ability to work with our customers to create a wide variety of non-standard or custom signs.

Traffic Safety Supply Company maintains a wide and deep inventory of highway products to serve the construction and safety needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in having a high level of product specific knowledge and understanding so we can best serve you.

This web site represents the majority of our product line. Our goal is to provide you with a complete easy-to-use web site that highlights our most popular items and capabilities. We hope this web site becomes a valuable resource for you. We also want you know that we are first a company that puts a strong emphasis on personal interaction. While this web site should guide you in a certain direction, please contact us directly so we can answer your questions and provide you with additional information.