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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the public buy signs from Traffic Safety Supply Company?

A: Sure! While our main customers include states, cities, counties and contractors, we are more than happy to help non government customers.

Q: How long will it take before I get my order.

A: The lead time of your order will be effected by several factors. Ask your salesperson for approximate shipping dates. Custom signing can take longer than two weeks depending on how involved it may be and the time of the year. Keep in mind that we are busiest from May through October because of the construction season.

Q: What size sign can I order?

A: We can produce just about any size sign you may need, however, many of our sign blanks are standard sizes and will be less expensive than custom sizes. Ask our sales person for your options.

Q: What kind of base material are the signs printed on?

A: Aluminum is the most commonly used base material to print signs on. Aluminum is durable, easy to work with, and cost effective. The face of the sign is either painted, or more commonly, covered with a reflective sheeting. Other base materials such as corex, plywood, or plastic can be used upon request.

Q: What information will I be asked when I order a sign?

A: Here is what we need to know when selling you a sign.

Phone #
Fax #
Where you want it shipped.
Payment Method? Do you have an account or would you like to pay with Mastercard or Visa?
What kind of sign? Is it a standard or is it special? (see listing of standard MUTCD signs)
What do you want it to say?
What size do you want it to be?
Do you want an aluminum base material?
What kind of face do you want?, Painted or Reflective?
What color background do you want?
What color letters?
Do you want the sign to have a border?
Do you want the sign to have holes? If so where located?
Do you want the sign to have radius corners?
How many signs do you want?

These are the typical questions we ask when you order a sign. The more answers you can provide the sales person, the more efficiently we can help you. Ordering a sign from Traffic Safety Supply Company is Simple!